WalgreensListens.Com – Win $3000 – WalgreensListens Survey

WalgreensListens.Com – Since it first entered the market more than a century ago, Walgreens has been selling state-approved medications around-the-clock. Every type of medication known to man is available in every one of the company’s stores. Thus, you may acquire an antibiotic at any Walgreens location as long as you have a script for one.

Take WalgreensListens Survey

WalgreensListens.Com - Win $3000 - WalgreensListens Survey

WalgreensListens.Com – WalgreensListens Survey

However, given that Walgreens has become one of the biggest pharmacy franchises in the US, it can occasionally be challenging for the owners to oversee every location. And the Walgreens Listen survey helps them with that. The poll, a brand-new program that Walgreens recently unveiled, covers every issue that consumers have so far encountered.

You may help them improve your closest, most favored shop by simply responding to the survey’s multiple-choice questions, which are simple to answer. 

The Walgreens survey was thoughtfully designed after completing in-depth market research, specifically to enhance the visitors’ shopping experience. They only require your feedback at this point in order to properly put your ideas into practice and deal with your problems.

And the business isn’t merely considering your insightful remarks lightly or without charge. Each of your comments will be carefully examined by their assessors, who will then provide any legitimate suggestions to the administration for consideration. In addition, after you complete the survey that Walgreens offers, your name will automatically be entered for the chance to win the main prize of a shocking $3000.

About the WalgreensListens Company

The second-largest drugstore chain in the US is Walgreens. In 1901, Charles Rudolph Walgreen established the business. Based in Chicago, Illinois, it is. It is a one-stop shop for everything from apparel to toiletries to home goods to electronics. The company’s main businesses include selling medical supplies, filling prescriptions, and offering photography services.

In the US, Walgreens has an aggregate of 9,560 locations. The Walgreens Boots Alliance, which is the biggest drugstore, health, and routine care center within the United States & Europe, includes Walgreens and Duane Reade. The holding firm distributes medications as well as well-being items in over twenty different nations and has over 14,500 outlets across 11 countries.The two businesses combined on December 31, 2014, as a result of the acquisition, to create a new holding business, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

 The new business, headquartered in Deerfield and traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker code WBA, acquired Walgreens. The first of Walgreens’ 8,000 locations to open was in Los Angeles, California, in 2012. The trip assumed legendary proportions, with the idea that it all began with a dreamy man in a tiny Chicago pharmacy.

There are currently tens of thousands of Walgreens even Duane Reade locations in the United States, the United States District of Columbia, and Virgin Islands that offer a variety of products and services, including prescription drugs, household goods, apparel, supplements, nutrition, specialized medical care, and picture retouching.

There are several additional goods and services available. Walgreens offers a variety of health, beauty, and wellness businesses in addition to 24-hour pharmacies, self-service options drug stores, clinics, picture laboratories, emergency care, and vaccination services. Visit the organization’s web page at www.walgreens.com for further details.

WalgreensListens Survey Rewards

In the greatest way possible, Walgreens expresses appreciation to its consumers for taking the survey. Yes! Customers receive compensation for devoting their valuable time to this survey. The information about this survey is displayed below.

  • You may participate in the sweepstakes after completing the survey.
  • You have the opportunity to acquire gift cards worth about $3,000 by participating in the contest.

WalgreensListens.Com - Win $3000 - WalgreensListens Survey

  • Just read through the sweepstakes’s rules and conditions.
  • Winners will get phone or email notifications. You will be prompted for your contact information at the conclusion of the survey as a result.
  • On your next trip to Walgreens, you may use a Walgreens Listens Gift Card.

Rules of WalgreensListens Survey

To participate in the survey, customers must do the procedures listed below:

  • The feedback survey is only open to applicants who are 18 or older.
  • Only citizens of America may participate in the survey.
  • Per receipt, more than one individual is absolutely banned.
  • Within three days of the purchase dates listed on your receipt, you must complete the survey. If not, it ceases to be legitimate.
  • If you work for Walgreens or are even related to a Walgreens employee, you will not be permitted to take the survey.

Requirements for the Walgreen Survey

You may quickly complete the conditions to participate in the Walgreenslistens online survey because they are not difficult.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You have to live in the USA.
  • You must not work for Walgreens or have any other connection to the firm.
  • You must have the receipt from your prior Walgreens transaction.
  • A reliable and quick internet connection is required.
  •  For the survey, a smartphone, computer, or laptop are required.
  • Both English and Spanish should be understandable to you.
  • You must honestly and distinctly recall your prior encounter with Walgreens while responding to the questions.
  • If you meet these prerequisites, entering the Walgreenslistens survey will go as smoothly as butter.

WalgreensListens.Com - Win $3000 - WalgreensListens Survey

How to participate in the WalgreensListens Survey

Participation Methods for Online Survey

There are different ways to take part in this survey:

Take  By Online – 

  • Visit the official site right away by clicking here. WalgreensListens.Com
  • Select between English or Spanish as your desired language.
  • When you visit a Walgreens location, enter the date, hour, and number of the receipt as they appear on the actual receipt you brought with you.
  • To continue, click the “Start” button now.

WalgreensListens.Com - Win $3000 - WalgreensListens Survey

  • The list of topics will now show on the screen in step five. Questions will be asked on Walgreens Order, Service, Store Timing, etc.
  • You must answer the questions based on your most recent Walgreens Store purchasing experience.
  • Enter your contact information here, such as your name, address, email address, etc. 
  • When the questions and answers are complete, press the “Submit” button.
  • If you win the rewards, you will get an email notification.

Take By Phone –

  • The most popular way to access the store without making a purchase is to just pick up a phone and dial 18002197451. 
  • On the call, a series of inquiries will be made while the survey is conducted.
  • Your survey is going to be finished using this approach if you answer all the questions and supply your information.

Take By Mail –

Additionally, you may take this survey by mail.

  • You may still enter the giveaway even if you choose not to complete the Walgreens survey. You will, however, need to invest some time and work.
  • I won’t suggest this form of admission because you can’t participate in the Walgreenslistens Questionnaire.
  • You must hand-write your full name, telephone number, and mailing address on a 3.5″ by 5″ card in order to enter the giveaway by mail. The card must then be mailed to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, 55730-4006, PO Box 4006. Make sure the card is enclosed in an envelope.
  • I urge you to enter the internet with an original receipt even if Walgreens asserts that entries made by phone, mail, and email have a statistically higher chance of winning than entries made online.

Benefits of Taking WalgreensListens Survey

Both the customer and the Walgreens company benefit greatly from participation in the reputable Walgreens Listens site. Customers should be surprised to learn that the drugstore business has over 9,450 shops in the US. The firm can control the performance and ongoing rumors of all its outlets by administering the survey.

Customers who complete the Walgreens Listens survey are in with a great chance of winning a $3,000 voucher that they may use to buy prescription drugs at their local Walgreens pharmacy. As the user redeems the discount code, there may be various perks waiting. The Walgreens Listens Questionnaire coupon might help someone financially.

Customers who complete the official Walgreens survey provide comments and thoughts about the business so that it may address any issues and improve customer satisfaction. This allows clients to find all the things they want in one location at a price that is far lower than competing retailers. In every organization, how staff behave with clients is crucial. Customers may express their opinions on staff performance as it relates to employee programs and their conduct at Walgreens through the Walgreens Listens.

Walgreens Listens Contact Details

If you need more assistance or have any specific questions, Please get in touch with the customer service team via-

  • Contact no.- 1-800-925-4733, 1-877-250-5823

For more specific customer care contacts use the following information-

  • For Walgreens Inquires-1-877-250-5823
  • For Customer Relation-1-800-925-4733
  • For Store Inquiries-1-800-925-4733
  • For Corporate Inquiries-1-847-914-2500
  • 200 Wilmot Road, Deerfield, Illinois, is the address of the Walgreens corporate headquarters.

Opening Hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

Depending on the area, the Walgreens pharmacy times may change. However, the majority of Walgreens pharmacies operate around-the-clock, every day of the week. Customers may pick up prescriptions or buy over-the-counter medicines at any time of day or night by going to a Walgreens drugstore.

It’s crucial to remember that not every Walgreens pharmacy is open 24/7. On weekdays, certain Walgreens pharmacies are open from 9am until 9 p.m. and on weekends, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is wise to constantly verify the opening times of your neighborhood Walgreens pharmacy before going there.

WalgreensListens.Com - Win $3000 - WalgreensListens Survey


The second-largest pharmacy business in the United States, Walgreens, has launched the Walgreens Survey. The corporation started operating in 1901. Charles Rudolph Walgreen established the business, which has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company primarily offers photography services, fills prescriptions for medications, and distributes health items.

In the Walgreens Listens Client Satisfaction Survey, Walgreens emphasizes customer satisfaction with the shopping experience in addition to the wellbeing of its drugs. The following website, www.walgreenslistens.com, provides access to the Walgreens Survey. Additionally, customers will have the chance to voice their opinions within the company about their experience visiting the store.

However, involvement provides the drugstore chain with the input needed to make the critical, forward-looking business choices. I hope you’ve learned enough about the Walgreens Listens Client Survey from this article. You may now take this consumer poll at walgreenslistens.com and enter to win $3,000 in survey prizes or sweepstakes. You may find out if you won by looking at the Walgreens Pays attention survey result list.

FAQ’s of WalgreensListens Survey

  • Question:- Can I Participate In The Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Without A Receipt?

Answer- You may do the Walgreens survey both with and without a receipt, yes. Visit www.walgreenslistens.com or phone this number to participate in the Walgreens survey online and leave your thoughts. If you don’t have the receipt, you may still fill out the survey by mailing it in.

  • Question:- What Kind Of Questions Can I Expect In The WalgreensListens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Answer- Walgreens constantly inquires about your most recent trip to the store. All of the questions are very straightforward, however you may run into some about the staff’s hygiene, the business’s infrastructure, the friendliness of the team, reward discounts, check-out time, and other topics.

  • Question:- How do I get my Walgreens Register Rewards?

Answer- Joining the rewards program and connecting the account to the Walgreens account is the  simplest method to go about it. Receipts may also be scanned and added to your account. Finally, you may utilize the mobile application to save the points you earn so that you can spend them later on Walgreens purchases.

  • Question:- Who is eligible to participate in WalgreensListens?

Answer- If you are at least eighteen years old, you may participate in the survey. Additionally, you have to be a citizen or legal citizen of the US. You also need to know either English or Spanish and have access to a computer with a dependable internet connection.

  • Question:- How many entries can one make in WalgreensListens?

Answer- The number of times you may take part in the WalgreensListens feedback survey is unlimited. As long as each new entry has a different survey code, you are free to take the quiz as much as you like.

  • Question:- How much time will the questionnaire last?

Answer- After completing the survey, which shouldn’t take more than six minutes, you may go to the sweepstakes entry page.

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